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About Smallcapsteve


Smallcapsteve started blogging in the Winter of 2009. During that time, he was able to spot many take over candidates and pick a variety of stocks that generated returns in excess of 200%.


When the blog was first created, the initial idea was to inform friends and family of his ideas about capital markets. After a few months and a string of successfull picks, smallcapsteve began developing an international following. However, in 2012 smallcapsteve took a break from blogging due to personal commitments.


But in October 2013, he has returned to bring picks to the world and find the next great small caps.

Current Recommendations

Currently Smallcapsteve is recommending the following stocks:

  • iAnthus (suggested @ $3.30)
  • Photon Control (suggest @ $0.30)
  • Eguana Technologies (suggested @ $0.34)
  • Questor Technologies
  • Spot Coffee
  • Valeura Energy

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